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How to coniugate Hospitality, Friendship and Travelling WorldWide and to discover Italian sites and taste true Italian friends

Dear Friends,

I have 2 children (Marta 10 and Manuel 13) and we live part time in Brussels and part in our loved South of Italy . In order to present you our area i created Italian Sustainable Tourism, a network of interregional Paths in the South of italy, you can find on eubuilders.eu/ist with Thematic Guides on Cicling, Grottos, Diving and Archeological sites in Campania, Sicily and Calabria. This is why I have decided to exchange not only our family facilities (Brussels, Rocca di papa in Rome, Gaeta and Capri), but also to try to convince other friends to share on my site their homes and give to other people the possibility to discover different Italian destinations (for ex. Naples, Veneto, etc.),
Here is Manuel , a young italian who loves football and sports in general. Here he is doing trekking next to our place in Gaeta after having kajaked and swimmed all the day on Sperlonga beaches. Marta loves food and ice creams, music and ...... screaming with his brother.

Manuel and Marta

Concerning the destinations we offer, I would like to give you some tips on when to come and how to mix differents destinations. Preferred periods to visit Italy in general are March to June and September to November.

- For Shopping long weekends, I advice January and July in Naples and Gaeta.

- For Swimming , kajaking and trekking, Gaeta gives you the best possibility and we have 2 apartments in the same building at 2 and 4 floor if you may need more space.

- For Museums, a week in April in Naples all museum are free (in 2011 from 9 to 17 april 2011, www.napolitoday.it) and my mother Maria can accommodate at our place or find you a nice bed breakfast in the centre and give you some advices for pizza (ex. Brandi pizzeria), shopping (“Centro moda” in Via Scarlatti for men, Via Roma e Via Chiaia for women).

- For Vulcanos , Vesuvius in Naples and the Castelgandolfo and Nemi lakes next to our place in Rocca di Papa (Rome) will give you nice occasions for trekking.

- For Food the “fraschette of Ariccia in the Castelli Romani” near Rocca di Papa, the Masaniello restaurant in Gaeta and Naples and the Verginiello and the Gelsomina restaurants in Capri offer the best possibilities.

- For Archeological sites , Pompei, Ercolanum, Paestum, Solfatara Pozzuoli in Campania and Rome offer plenty of world known sites to visit.

- For Biking , Gaeta offers you very lovely trials on the coast from Gaeta to Sperlonga (15 kms along the coast) or a triangle to Sperlonga and Itri only for experienced bikers.

Also possible to have trustfull personal Guides or Taxi drivers to visit Lazio and Campania and to go Fishing, Kajaking or Trekking.

If you wish so, it possible to stay in the same stay 4/7days in Rome and 4/7 in Gaeta, with just 50 euro s per apartment for final cleaning.

Low cost flights to Ciampino and to Capodichino, but booking with 3-4 months advance with 90 euro per person you can fly from Brussels and other Eu capital or directly to Naples or Rome.


From Gaeta, in 1 hour visit Ponza, Palmarola and Ventotene Islands.

From Naples visit Capri and Ischia Islands in 40 min. by speed-boat or Sorrento, Positano, Ravello and Amalfi .


To Gaeta (Latina) : 1 hour by train and 1,5 hour by car from Naples, 1 and 10 min to Formia and then 15 min. bus to Gaeta from Rome Termini station.

To Rocca di Papa (Rome) : 20 min. by taxi from Ciampino airport or from Ciampino train station, 40 min by taxi from Fiumicino airport, 40 min. by bus and metro to Rome Termini station if you want to go to Gaeta or Naples.

To Capri (Napoli), speed boat in 40 min. from Naples, and 20 min. from Capodichino airport to Naples' Ferry harbour.

Yearly Temperatures, Water temperature, Average Sun and Rainy days for Rome, Gaeta and Naples, please consult: http://www.holidaycheck.it/climate-wetter_Napoli-ebene_oid-id_5461.html


With the same logic, if You have another apartment in Italy or abroad you want to publicise for free, please send me on gguarracino@gmail.com 1 page description and 10 photos of your place and surroundings and and we will publish it directly on my site for other Italian or international friends who could be interested to come to visit it and know you. The only condition is that you are or you have a friend who is member of Home exchange or other international recognised network.

We wish you a lots of travelling and walking in the Nature with the people you care. Travelling is the only thing which makes you richer.


Skipe : giulio0105 Italian Whatsapp Mobile Teleph.:+39 331 6815385

Facebook or Linkedin : Giulio Guarracino
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